Kanji アリーナ
Romaji Arina
Age 10
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Dirty blonde
Eye Color Olive green
Personal Status
Status Alive
Affiliations Hosea Academy
Occupation Grade Schooler (4th grade)
Japanese Misaki Watada
Anime Episode 7

Arina (アリーナ?) is a friend to Kurumi and a minor character in the Musaigen no Phantom World series.


Arina is a young girl with short, straight dirty blonde hair and olive-green eyes, and she wears circular glasses. Arina is usually seen with her school uniform.


Arina seems to quite a mature child but also similar to Kurumi. She looks up to Haruhiko and the others since Kurumi said that they were really dependable.


Kurumi asked Team E for help since Arina's cat, Rudolph had gone missing. They accepted and started looking for in a cat-mansion, where they managed to find it after solving the problems with the mansion and a Phantom. Arina became very happy when they managed to find Rudolph and therefore offered to help Team E to clean the mansion.


Kurumi KumamakuraEdit

Kurumi and Arina are very close friends. Arina came to Kurumi when she needed help, suggesting a good bond between the two.



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