Ayumi Kitajima


Kanji 北島 亜弓
Romaji Kitajima Ayumi
Nicknames Kitajima-senpai
Gender Female
Race Phantom
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Green
Personal Status
Status Alive
Affiliations Hosea Academy
Occupation High School Student (2nd year)
Japanese Ami Koshimizu
English Alexis Tipton
Anime Episode 9

Ayumi Kitajima (北島 亜弓 Kitajima Ayumi?) is a supporting character in the Musaigen no Phantom World series. She is a second-year high school student at Hosea Academy who the sole member of the Drama Club and it is later revealed that she isn't human, but a Phantom.


Ayumi has the appearance of a 16-17-year-old girl with wavy chin-length dark blue hair and green eyes.

She is usually seen with a normal Hosea Academy uniform for girls.


Ayumi is a very peppy, upbeat, and cheerful girl who is also kind and caring. She is very passionate about drama and she claims that she was born and lives for drama, and when it comes to rehearsing drama she can get a little strict and carried away, but she is usually friendly and calm in most situations.


Ayumi is a phantom who disguised herself as a human where the defeat and frustration of losing for ten straight years coalesced into a phantom, so she was hiding among all the students, and she manipulated everyone's memories, pretending to be a second-year drama club student.


Ayumi is introduced as a second-year student at Hosea Academy who wanted Haruhiko Ichijo and the others helping the drama club by taking the stage. They eventually accept after a little hesitation and rehears occasionally, even Koito Minase and Kurumi Kumamakura. When it is finally their turn to show their play, Ayumi accidentally reveals her true identity as a phantom in the middle of the play. She expected Haruhiko to seal her, but Mai Kawakami commented that it doesn't matter if she is a human or phantom and they are still friends, which deeply touched Ayumi.

However, a few days after their performance after winning gold price, Ayumi is seen scolding the others and tells them that they can't make it to the nationals with "that" kind of acting. However, Mai thought that they were only helping Ayumi with the regional, but Ayumi commented that with Team E and her as the cast, they will be aiming for the nationals, much to the dismay of the others.


  • The name Ayumi means "second, Asia" (亜) (a) and "archery bow" (弓) (yumi).
  • Ayumi's surname Kitajima means "north" (北) (kita) and "island" (島) (shima/jima).


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