Phantom Hunters are people who fights Phantoms in exchange for items and goods. They normally goes on missions to hunt down Phantoms that disturb others or an area. The Phantom hunters are often people with special abilities that are also students. In Hosea Academy, there are 10 teams: Team A - Team J.

Team E

Team E is a Phantom-Hunting club in Hosea Academy. At first, it had the lowest grades and the members rarely got any money for accidentally destroying things in the area they were defeating the Phantoms. However, later on, they become the most popular team with the highest grades, due to their unique abilities and good teamwork. The members are:

  • Haruhiko Ichijo - Joined before episode 1
  • Mai Kawakami - Joined before episode 1
  • Reina Izumi - Joined in episode 1
  • Koito Minase - Joined in episode 6, "officially" a member in episode 12
  • Kurumi Kumamakura - "Joined" in episode 5; Not an official member, but occasionally joins on missions
  • Ruru - Joined before episode 1; A member, but never fights and only watches

Other Phantom Hunters

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