Kanji ルーパ
Romaji Rūpa
Nicknames The Strongest Phantom
Gender Female
Race Phantom
Ability Stealing abilities
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Lilac
Personal Status
Status Deceased/Sealed
Novel Light Novel Volume 1

Rupa (ルーパ Rūpa?) is a phantom who can steal abilities from people by kissing them. She plays as an antagonist in the Musaigen no Phantom World series.


Rupa is a Phantom with a human appearance, she has long blonde hair and lilac eyes. She is wearing a purple dress with tail and purple high boots. From her back come 6 purple wings. Despite this, she can change her appearance at will, usually being seen with dark clothing and a black hat that resembles a gunslinger from the old west.


Rupa, although she is a maladjusted person, is affectionate, with her biggest dream being to be in a world where she is Haruhiko's mother so that she can give him love.


Rupa was created in Alayashiki by ART under the orders of Toko Kashima, being the incarnation of the love from his mother that he never received. After time, she would be sealed in the company until, during the events of Volume 1, she would be released by Toko.



Rupa has the ability to steal powers from ability users by kissing them, and when she does, she simply "drains" the power from the person. She can also use the powers as well.

However, she can also take over a humans body and mind. An example is Haruhiko's mother. When she does this, she can exactly act as the person actually does and behave normally.


  • Despite not appearing in the anime, Enigma is heavily based on her.
  • According to Koito, it is very difficult to tell if Rupa has taken over a body.


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