Toko Kashima


Kanji 華島 冬湖
Romaji Kashima Tōko
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color White
Eye Color Dark orange
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Ability wielder
Japanese N/A
Novel Light Novel Volume 2
Toko Kashima (華島 冬湖 Kashima Tōko?) is the Mew of ability users, she has every ability, and she has a deep relationship to Haruhiko's past. She is the main antagonist of the Musaigen no Phantom World series.


Toko is a girl who seems to be 17-18 years old. She has long, straight hair, and she has a blue rose on the right side of her hair, and she has dark orange eyes.



Toko was the first human with phantom abilities, so she was taken in as a baby by Alayashiki for experimentation. She eventually becomes the head of Alayashiki and it was Toko who released Rupa and created ART in the first place.


Volume 2Edit

Toko appears in Volume 2 as a girl with many abilities and Haruhiko's childhood friend.


Haruhiko IchijoEdit

After meeting Haruhiko, she becomes extremely attracted to him and can even be considered a yandere. She has said to him that she loves him to death, want to dance with his corpse and so on. However, Haruhiko consideres Toko an enemy after some events.


Since Toko is the Mew of ability users, she has every ability from Telepathy and even Phantom Eater.



  • She is way older than she looks, as she already was Alayashiki's president when Haruhiko was born.
  • She has an IQ of 195.


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